dldp has already consolidated PCM practices and innovations like interLGU PCM in well-designed  training curricula, which will be disseminated to LGUs of the five Qarks. The consolidated packages are a combination of theoretical know-how as well as practices and existing legal frame work. They will be used to support LGUs participating into the grant fund competition and all those interested to access other available funds, especially designed for interLGU projects (like those of RDP and CoE). In addition, dldp 2 has managed to develop a manual on implementation of IPA CBC projects. The targeted project area is eligible for three CBC Schemes (Kosovo, MNE and Macedonia). The manual reflects the
EU guidelines and includes even the case studies from Albanian LGUs having gone through such funding and implementing procedures. dldp intents that in strengthen the collaboration with the EU secretariats in the territory to train LGUs in accessing and implementing such projects. This is one of the limited opportunities Albanian LGUs have presently for accessing external funding. The trainings will be open for all LGUs in the five Qarks.

Both curricula (InterLGU)PCM and EU IPA CBC will be further consolidated/updated by making use of the cases deriving from the implementation of traditional dldp grant fund through which InterLGU projects will be encourages  as well as the IPA CBC expected next round (2015). dldp will not co-finance IPA CBC projects/proposals but support  LGUs with technical assistance  to access and implement projects from both above sources in order to enable LGUs to increase their access to other funds and contribute to EU policies addressing local interests.

The expected change should be:
• More project proposals presented on IPA CBC with a better quality
• Project proposals quality and standards of project implementation and monitoring in supported LGUs matches with good practices
• The role of LGUs in policies developed in the frame of EU addressing local needs is strengthened