DLDP engagement in Solid Waste Management for the period January 2018 – June 2019

Package description

dldp contributes to standard setting, local state building and civic education, where citizens commit to pay for services, based on transparent information on a costs and tariff system. dldp will continue to work at regional and national level, implementing the national waste management strategy and law, making proposals for adjustments based on experiences and promoting innovative waste management systems, inter-LGU and regional cooperation models for effective service solutions:

  • By consolidating a national and regional cost and tariff model, dldp makes an important contribution to the further development of national policies and standards to ensure affordable solutions in line with EU standards.
  • dldp 3 further uses and strengthen the link and integration between this sectorial approach with the overall PFM approach. After MTR package was redefined – prepared mid-term plans are implemented along action plans combined with pilot for infrastructure investment – Roll out planning and cost tariffing curricula for 61 municipalities
  • Build benchmarking and minimum affordable standards tools.



  1. Training and coaching of local experts (within activity area), through the Center of Competence in Solid Waste Management
  2. Improved waste service
  3. Development of curricula and dissemination
  4. Institutional support
  5. Standard setting at local and national level