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June 9, 2018
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September 22, 2018

Dldp engagement for the implementation of the cost and tariff calculation model

Implementing DCM no. 319 date 31.05.2018 “On the adoption of measures for integrated waste management costs”, the Program for Development and Decentralization (dldp) has expressed readiness at the Ministry of Tourism and Environment for organizing additional training sessions for cost calculation models and service tariffs.
In the same line, was the engagement undertaken by dldp at the meeting of the Forum of Waste, organised in Gjirokastra on July 6, 2018, to assist all those municipalities that expressed the will or presented difficulties and challenges in applying the model. The purpose of these joint efforts of the program and the Ministry, was to increase the capacities of local staff to absorb the available financial instruments for a funding plan for service, as close as possible to the reality according to the principles that Law No. 10463, dated 22.9.2011 “On integrated waste management “, as well as all other sub-legal acts for its implementation.
The issue of local staff training for the appropriate implementation of the service cost calculation methodology dldp addressed at the Center of Competence meetings with partner municipalities during 2018 as well as with the concerned municipalities outside the program area, following the approval of the DCM in May 2018.
One of these municipalities was also the Municipality of Berat, which was under preparation of the procurement procedure for waste management. From the preliminary work of the municipality staff, there were encountered difficulties in applying the model.
Dldp organized several coaching sessions with the municipal staff and a visit of the Berat Municipality staff in Shkodra municipality on 18 July. These activities were very productive in increasing the capacities of Berat Municipality staff in understanding and applying the model. Issues related to service funding and the application of the cost calculation model, were also addressed from dldp in the meeting organized with all the municipalities of Berat district on 27 September. In this meeting, the difficulties encountered in applying the model and the questions for its specific elements were answered not only by dldp representatives but also by Berat municipality experts who already had the information and knowledge necessary for the full application of the cost calculation model.
By the end of 2018, dldp will continue its support to municipalities in order to apply this model as a normal part of the work with the municipalities, ensuring increased service effectiveness, increasing transparency and optimizing the use of public funds.