Work starts on preparing the General Local Plan in Mat Municipality
October 7, 2017
Conference: “Migration, Diaspora and Development in Albania and in the Western Balkans”
October 28, 2017

ASPA trainings – Improving public administration performance

Dldp in cooperation with the Albanian School of Public Administration (ASPA) has continued the national trainings for Module II and III on Local Finance Management and Urban Waste Management.

Considering the reforms undertaken by the Albanian Government in the field of decentralization and local government, as well as the approval of the Decentralization Strategy, one of its main objectives is the raising of professional capabilities of LGU employees.

These trainings have improved the performance of public administration in delivering the services in a very professional and fast manner.

In collaboration with RDA 4, dldp and ASPA have started on October 9th the two days trainings in Vlora on Module II for Local Finance Management – Annual Budget; Budget Implementation and monitoring with the participation of related specialists.

The next training was organized with RDA 1 and RDA 2 in Tirana during 10-11 October.

While on October 17th together with RDA 3, these trainings concluded with participation of the specialists from Qark of Korça, Berat and Elbasan.

In the framework of the Urban Waste Management Training Program in cooperation with ASPA and with the four Regional Development Agencies on 30-31 October was held the training on Module III, regarding the practices on recycling, composting and waste disposal in Pogradec.

Continuous trainings of experts from 61 local self-government units in the field of local public finance management, as part of the National Decentralization Strategy and Cross-Sectoral Strategy for Public Administration Reform, concluded with the organization of the national trainings on the module III organised during November, which took place in Gjirokastra and in Durres with the participation of respective finance experts from RDA4 and RDA1 and RDA 2.

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