Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts study tour in Albania
August 25, 2017
25 years of support and collaboration with Swiss Government in Albania
September 8, 2017

ZA Fest – Music and stories in the shadow of the mountain

In the hottest days of the year, the highest crown of Albanian nature sounded music and stories in the shadow of the mountain!
On Saturday, August 26, the first edition of the Zâ Festival brought together in Theth the best songwriters of Albanian music. Elina Duni, Shpat Deda and Vlashent Sata performed in the first festival devoted to the natural heritage of the Albanian Alps.
At the festival stage, internationally renowned actor Arben Bajraktaraj told to the public stories, legends and tales of the past, as the most precious heritage of our ancestors in these areas.
This festival created the right atmosphere to enjoy the tradition and the rare nature of Theth. An event that overlooked the uninhabited beauty of the Alps.
This important event was organized under the special care of Shkodra municipality and thanks to the support of many donors such as Embassy of Switzerland in Albania through dldp programe.

Interview with one the main organizers of the festival, well know singer, Vlashent Sata.

“Music is the magic that can change life” – Vlashent Sata


Dldp: You were the one that created and made the most to organize this event. What makes this festival so special?
Vlashent Sata: The public was the most special component of ZA Fest. The magic of the event where the people who loved this festival and at the end of the festival I could notice that people where transformed into better people.

Dldp: What is the impact that art and in this case music has in the development of the society and especially in this area?
Vlashent Sata: I overcome many difficulties to organize such event in this remote and isolated but very beautiful area because the people are more timid and skeptical and not so friendly to sudden changes. Music can influence very much the people and their lives and at the end of the festival, I could feel and see they changed and they were more confident and happy to be part of this event.

Dldp: How do you evaluate your experience in ZA Fest?
Vlashent Sata: My idea was to create something special and amazing in Theth that everyone can envy, and I did it. For me it was the best experience ever but also the most difficult and very challenging one. When I asked the other artists that were part of this event on this experience all shared the same perception: the best ever experience in our lives.

Dldp: Do you think such event bring positive changes and how?
Vlashent Sata: Theth brightens positive energy and for sure organizing more festivals and events as this one brings positive changes from inside to outside in the way people should think and behave in their daily life. They should focus more in how to improve and make a good living out of this amazing area. At the end of the festival all, the people were interested to participate in the next edition and I hope that we could have the support of dldp program and other donors to make it happen and to turn it in a tradition.