Exhibition of the General Local Plan in Tropoja Municipality
July 26, 2017
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August 26, 2017

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts study tour in Albania

The Dldp Swiss Program welcomes 25 students of the Master’s in Business Administration to inform and exchange on Decentralisation of the local government in Albania

In the frame of the study tour on “Perspectives for Business and Society in Eastern Europe”, organized by Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, a group of 25 participants, of which most were students of the Master’s in Business Administration with a major in Public and Nonprofit Management, had the opportunity to have an insight into the present economic and social developments on an Eastern European country such as Albania.
In their fourth day visit in Albania, the group visited Shkodra Municipality. The day opened with a meeting the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Odeta Barbullushi, who introduced and informed the participants about the history of Albania transformation focused in specific development and in political, economic and societal challenges. She also informed them on EU integration process and the challenges living space for discussions on the topics.
The visit at the Municipality of Shkodra aimed two main topics: capacity building in strategic planning and budgeting in the frame of the financial and fiscal management improvement, the transparency and easy access to quality information and services through use of innovative communication and information mechanisms.
The dldp Swiss programme which operates in the Northern part of Albania since 2006 welcomed in its premises the group of the students to present them the project aims at supporting the municipalities and communes in Albania towards improved local governance, thus supporting the decentralization and transition process in the country. Dldp Program Manager, Mrs. Valbona Karakaçi introduces an overview of the administration reform and its implementation, the main intervention areas of dldp in local and national area and the challenges related to the implementation.
Another theme with a great interest presented by dldp programme officer, Mr. Elvin Hoxha on “Public financial management” gave the whole picture on the process and capacity development in absorbing the available funding.
The group continued the visit in a youth center and had the possibility to talk to Albanians and share opinions with them.