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July 5, 2017
Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts study tour in Albania
August 25, 2017

Exhibition of the General Local Plan in Tropoja Municipality

In the framework of the years-long work of the dldp program, comes the support for the preparation of the General Local Plan of Tropoja municipality as well as of other four municipalities: Malësi e Madhe, Mat, Klos and Vau i Dejës.
In order to insure the social-economic cohesion of the new municipalities established from the Territorial Administrative Reform, the Albanian Government started to support on 2015 the preparation of General Local Plans for 26 of main municipalities of the country. After the Administrative reform approval, one of the main challenges of the new municipalities is the sustainable development of a new territory, established by units that previously were separated, and in this context, the Plan is one of the strategic and territorial instruments that contributes in the consolidation of this reform.
The legal framework for the planning of the territory, through the guidance it provides for the establishment of the Local Development Plans, makes sure that in the end of the process the Plan is a guiding strategic document for the development of the municipality as a whole. The aims and objectives of the Plan provide for a sustainable development of the municipality in urban, infrastructural, agricultural, environmental and other important aspects for the next 10-15 years. In addition, among the main objectives of this document the assurance of a social and economic cohesion between administrative units comprises the municipality after the Territorial Administrative Reform.
During the process of the preparation of the General Development Plan, transparency towards the community and consultations with all interest groups, besides being a legal precondition, has consistently been on the focus of dldp activity. That is why dldp in cooperation with Tropoja municipality opened the exhibition on General Local Plan, which stayed open from July 19 to 26 in the main square of Bajram Curri city.
The basic element of communication in this exhibition were the different maps of the Plan. The content of the exhibition included an escalation of information from a wider perspective (regional) to a detailed description of developmental proposal in the level of parcel (land use).The maps represented:
Position of municipality in regional level; Vision for development of the Tropoja municipality; Priorities and main objectives; Strategic project proposed and their phases; Land use with relevant explanations, categories and subcategories for land use on all municipal territory.