Public hearing on GLP and MTBP in Mat Municipality
June 9, 2017
Exhibition of the General Local Plan in Tropoja Municipality
July 26, 2017

The digital platform supporting the public administration

The e-Library project on the public administration entered its consolidation phase of the digital platform, which continues side by side with the process of the evaluation of the quality of curricula (SVC). With the technical and financial support from dldp, ASPA has maintained an information process on the results of the evaluation of the quality with all organizations, partner programs and donors that have accepted to be part of this process. The organizations and donors expressing the biggest interest to be part of this platform are REC, GIZ, Sh.B.Sh, CoE, Partners, EMA, UND, USAID-PLGP, CoPlan, IDM.
Based on this fact, on July 5th, 2017, ASPA organized an “Open information day” on this process, where all participating organizations were invited.
The State Minister on Innovation and Public Administration, Mrs. Milena Harito, and the Swiss Ambassador in Tirana, Mr. Christoph Graf, attended this activity.
Apart the evaluative and applicative process, dldp has presented the importance and the structure of the legal act that will serve as a regulatory and compulsory instrument for all that offer trainings for local and central public administration.
Based on the aim the process of evaluation of curricula has, ASPA and dldp have identified as actors in this process also the private sector, which is very active in the professional qualification of the public administration.
Out of 145 Centres for Professional Development that are active (MMRs database up to 2016), are identified eight of them that offer professional trainings for the public administration.
During August and September there has been an agenda of presentation and consultation with representatives of these centres and a part of them have presented the first curriculum material, with the aim of applying the system of quality evaluation. Meanwhile, because up to now there are published online on the e-Library platform over 50 curriculum materials, out of which 25 have turned into SVC (system of curricula evaluation) and the digital platform has about 328 users, ASPA and dldp have started building the administrative capacities inside the ASPA staff, who will be the moderators of the quality evaluation process and of the platform use. The first training of ASPA staff is conducted for training managers of the ASPA, while an assistive process will continue during the last phase of this project.