Eastern Europe Advocacy Workshop in Albania
September 22, 2018
Dldp engagement for the implementation of the cost and tariff calculation model
October 10, 2018

Meeting of Center of Competence with Waste Management local experts

Within the work and continuous contribution, that dldp provides in support of the local government in the urban waste management sector, in the premises of Xheko Imperial Hotel in Tirana, was held the next meeting of dldp Center of Competence, with the focus on Urban Waste Management. The Centre of Competences active from over 7 years serves as a platform aimed at increasing the capacities of the partner municipalities’ staff. Through inputs given from experts and exchange of experiences in the waste sector, the aim is to improve the tools that local staff use to increase the quality of service provided to citizens. Members of this Center of Competence are directors and specialists of the Public Services Directorates, from the municipalities of Shkodra, Lezha, Malësi e Madhe, Puka, Dibër and Shijak.
The meeting and discussions focused on the analysis of the agreed work plan, new developments in the waste sector, adopted sub-legal acts as well as challenges and measures for overcoming them, performance indicators of the service for the 9-month period of 2018 and reporting.
In the discussion on sub-legal acts, the dldp program also invited colleagues from Berat Municipality and other municipalities of Berat District, who have faced some difficulties in the implementation in practice of DCM no. 319 date 31. 05. 2018, on the methodology for calculating the cost of service. As the Municipality of Berat is in the stage of preparing the service tender, exchange with other municipalities, part of the dldp Center of Competence, was a great help to find solutions based on experiences of dldp partner municipalities.