Continuous achievements in Waste Management Sector
June 7, 2018
Dldp engagement for the implementation of the cost and tariff calculation model
July 6, 2018

The National Alliance of Women Councilors – a long way towards women empowerment

In cooperation with the dldp, UN Women, OSCE and Bashki të Forta, on 9 June, the National Alliance of Women Councilors gathered in Shkodra to hold a two-day meeting where the focus was to discuss on gender equality progress at local level up to the upcoming local elections.
At the meeting, the Network also discussed a package of recommen-dations for changes to the Electoral Code within the Electoral Reform. UN Women and dldp, as well as other partners have supported the establishment of 18 Alliances nationwide. The meeting hosted by the mayor of Shkodra, Mrs. Ademi who talked about the challenges and achievements of this municipality with regard to gender sensitive projects.
The OSCE representatives invited to the meeting introduced the participants with the gender aspects of the Electoral Reform as well as the expected changes in the Electoral Reform Process.
In the final part was invited Mrs. Gjermeni, member of the Albanian Parliament, who spoke on gender representation in local councils and gave recommendations on improving the electoral reform for the upcoming local elections.
National Alliance of Women Councilors Network established on 8 March, this year, aims to coordinate the joint work in support of gender equality and empowerment of women nationwide.