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May 31, 2018
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June 9, 2018

Continuous achievements in Waste Management Sector

In the meeting held on 7 June in support of the Initiative “For dumpsite risk mitigation” leaded by Ministry of Tourism ad Environment, dldp program has supported the process by covering methodological aspects, capacity building and facilitation of organizational processes. This initiative started as a necessity to acknowledge in depth the existing conditions of the dumpsites at national level and address a set of adequate measures to minimize the risks that such infrastructure facilities actually exhibit. This Initiative involved the staff of Prefectures and Municipalities of Albania.
Started at the beginning of February and finalized within a record time of 3-months, this process required fieldwork from more than 250 local experts who continuously enriched the data platform with the necessary technical information.
Implementation of this Methodology shall be enabled through the amendments of the DCM no. 452, of July 11, 2012 “On waste landfills”, supported by GIZ Albania. Through this Initiative, Municipalities will enable to achieve certain standards on waste dumpsites along a transitory period until the full establishment of other infrastructural facilities foreseen in the Masterplan.
The harmonization of results with the national strategic instruments, that are being drafted, and the positive review from academia to this process, the methodology and the results of this platform, provide a strong basis for entering in the next phase of implementation of initiative “For dumpsite risk mitigation”.
In the framework of the continuous work, that dldp has done over the years and in close cooperation with local and national actors, it was achieved by Decision of the Council of Ministers no. 319, dated 31 May 2018, to publish in the Official Journal the adoption of measures for the costs of integrated waste management.